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Preparing to Welcome
a New Pastor

 Sunday, January 15, 2023

Lunch and Gathering Right After Service

Getting Ready for the Future: An All-Church Discussion & Sharing Session with Consultant Sandra Dickson

All the Information You Need for Today!

**Please download the handouts linked in the button above

What can we be doing as a congregation to open ourselves to welcoming a new minister? One of the best discoveries an incoming pastor can make about their new job is a congregation that is thoughtful about honest, loving communication.


“Communication … builds a sense of understanding and community. Communication empowers people for ministry. Communication within the church also keeps people informed, supports people and programs, provides publicity, sensitizes people, provides a forum for expression and concern about issues, and builds a sense of community….. Communication can be used to bind people together into a cohesive group.”


For more about communication from the UCC, click the button below:

As pastors and as a congregation, we need to communicate on an everyday level, but we also sometimes need to have high-stakes conversations. Understanding the importance of doing that thoughtfully and well, we’ve hired an expert consultant to help us think more carefully about this.


Please come have lunch and meet Sandy Dickson for a discussion and sharing session after service on January 15th (if you can't be with us in person please join us by Zoom-link above)


Sandy’s time with us is designed to promote loving, effective, transparent communication, opening our hearts and helping this congregation grow closer so we can move forward together in love and understanding. 


What a way to welcome a new pastor! 


We sincerely hope you will join us.


Rev. Jim Latimer (with planning team, Mora Geoffrion, John Thomas, Christina Carroll, and Sandy Dickson)

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