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10 Ways to Reduce Your Energy Footprint

By: First Church Environmental Justice Team

1. Unplug your battery charger and all electronic devices when not in use. Transformers can use a lot of energy just being plugged in.

2. Use fans with your AC to circulate the cool air. That way you can raise the AC thermostat 4 degrees without feeling hotter.

3. Think about drying your clothes outside some days to save energy & make them smell fresh!

4. Do not use liquid laundry detergent sold in colored plastic jugs. Even though they are marked with a #2 triangle, no recycling company will accept them because the strong color will bleed and ruin the recycling process. (Try plastic free options like: Dropps, Grove or Earthbreeze )

5. Do not open the oven door when baking, if possible. Doing so decreases the oven temperature 25 degrees, requiring more energy use.

6. Turn off your oven shortly before baking is completed, letting food to finish cooking in an already heated oven.

7. Lower temperature of your hot water heater in warmer weather.

8. Keep all filters in your home clean (including dryer), thereby reducing energy use.

9. Keep your refrigerator and freezer units full, using bottles and/or jugs if necessary. The appliances will operate more efficiently.

10. Wash your clothes in cold water whenever possible. It will save energy & your clothes, too.


Do you know how much energy you are using at home? Check out this energy calculator for an accurate impression of your use, and see where you can make some changes:

Check out the Environmental Justice Team's page for more information about the great work they do to protect God's creation, our earth:

Interested in joining the Environmental Justice Team? Reach out to us by email: or call us: 413-567-6287 and we'll connect you with the group!

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