How to Catch a Monkey

How do you catch a monkey?

Place peanuts in the bottom of a jar. The opening needs to be just large enough so that the monkey can get its hand inside. Set the jar down and walk away.

The monkey is drawn to the nuts. He sticks in his hand and grabs the peanuts in his fist. But the monkey’s fist is too wide for the opening. And the monkey is literally caught.

He could let go of the peanuts, pull his hand out and run away. But he doesn’t. All the monkey has to do is let go. The whole world is waiting for him, yet he sits trapped by his own desire.

Money is not a four-letter word.

This month we begin our Stewardship campaign—a time when we talk about money and what role it plays in our life, our relationships and our church.  Don’t be afraid. Money talk can make people uncomfortable. But talking about money is not that frightening.

Jesus talked about money all the time. He was constantly telling us not to let money separate us from God or our neighbors. Money can be used to bring hope and healing to broken places in the world. Sharing what we have allows us to live bigger lives.

We tend to think of money as something we need to hold onto. We stick our hand into the jar of scarcity and grab onto the happiness we imagine is inside. And then, just like the monkey, we are caught. We have traded our freedom for peanuts.

This is not the life Jesus intends for us. By being brave enough to let go and share, we can do the work of the church. We can bring more healing to the world. We can bring more healing to our own lives.

Reach for what matters!

This month we are going to talk about what is really important in our lives as disciples of Christ. How can we let go of what does not help us live within the Good News—with grace filled, whole bodied lives.

We begin by letting go of our fear. The whole world is waiting for us! We reach for what really matters.

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