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Stop the Toxic Pipeline in Longmeadow

A message from the Environmental Justice Team

You may have seen signs posted on lawns in Longmeadow to “Stop the Toxic Pipeline”. These signs refer to a plan to build a Metering Station on the corner of Hazardville and Shaker Roads and be connected to a new expanded gas line to run from this location through Longmeadow to Springfield.

Of particular concern is the Metering Station itself and the methane gas emitted from it. A national organization, Methane Gas Hunters, uses a Forward Looking Infrared (FLIR) camera that senses infrared radiation. The technology allows them to identify methane gas emissions from sites across the country. One such site is located in Agawam, MA. The following link will show a FLIR video of methane gas being emitted from the Agawam Metering Station.

When asked about this design during a public hearing hosted by the Longmeadow Select Board, recently, Eversource Gas chose to refer to the issue of leaks or their plans to contain leaks inside the building. To be clear, the methane being emitted is not the result of a leak. It is a design feature of the Metering Station. What the video shows being emitted is not smoke. It is methane gas. And it is highly toxic and is one of the most harmful greenhouse gases.

This toxic gas will be released in the middle of a residential neighborhood and a short distance from Wolf Swamp Elementary School.

For more information, please email and we will connect you with a member of our Environmental Justice Team!

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