First Church of Christ’s response to COVID-19 and our changes in procedures:


During this pandemic, we continue to serve you, our community, and our God. Of course, we’ve had to change how we do some of our work.

The Building Is Closed.

  • Please do not come to the church in person. (Join us on Zoom, Facebook or phone!)

  • If you need anything from the church, please phone the office: 413-567-6287.


12-Step Meetings: The only groups still meeting at the church are a few of the 12 Step programs.

They are allowed to meet under very prescribed guidelines:

  • People must enter and exit only through the Williams Street door.

  • Attendees are only allowed on the lower level.

  • All meetings are held in Bailey Hall.

  • No food or drink can be consumed.

  • No more than 10 can attend.

  • Attendees must sit at least 6 ft apart. (Stan has set up chairs in a circle with 6-foot tables between.)

  • We hope to be able to continue offering this important ministry. This is a difficult time for all of us, but particularly for those battling addiction.


We, the staff, are also taking precautions. We:

  • Only use the back door,

  • Glove and mask up as we enter,

  • Stay 6 ft apart, and

  • Sanitize our hands, doors, railings, etc.


Services, Classes, and Meetings Continue—But Electronically

  • We will continue to bring you worship (using Facebook Live and YouTube)

  • We will continue to offer classes and meetings through Zoom.

  • Links to all our events and services will be given in our eBlast and on Facebook.

  • If you need help with Zoom, eBlasts, or any part of our community, please contact Brooke:

  • Those without email or online capabilities will receive a Home Worship letter, and can access our services on LCTV on Sundays @ 8:00am and 12:00 noon. If you know of someone who would like this letter, please let us know!

  • We will continue to pray for you and our world!


Our Financial Obligations Continue: Please continue to send in your pledges and offerings.  We now have paypal, making it easy to give online:

  • Staff compensation and building obligations continue. (Our monthly expenses for salaries, benefits and taxes alone are approximately $40,000.)

  • We are still helping those in need.

  • We are still the church even when we do not meet in person; there is still the work of Jesus to be done.


We Are Always a Community! None of us have ever encountered a pandemic. We are listening to science, protecting ourselves and each other, and praying. This will end. We don’t know when but it will end. Until that day, we remain united as a community—as church.


Pray for us and know that we are praying for you!

For regular updates from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC):


For information about how the SNEUCC is responding to COVID-19:

March 2021 Update:




Dear First Church Family,


The members of the Re-entry Team met at our regular monthly meeting on January 13th to discuss the pandemic, and when some form of normalcy can return to our church life. We regularly check the CDC guidelines,, and for the latest news and information concerning reopening our church safely. As of January 13, the church will remain closed based on what the team has learned. We are following the science which indicates that the peak of the virus has not been reached, as the surge of infections caused by holiday travel and gatherings is still not over. Also, it is predicted that it will be four or five months before the majority of people are vaccinated.


As news of approved vaccines and rising infection rates simultaneously emerge, we are working hard to make sure that when re-entry finally comes, the safety of all of our members and friends will be considered.


Until then we will continue to monitor the situation and meet monthly to discuss issues as they present themselves. Our next meeting will be held Wednesday, February 10, 2020.


-Mora Geoffrion, Team Chairperson

Embraced by the love of God in Christ, our mission is to love and serve our world. We seek to grow in Christ’s family through our journey inward towards faith and knowledge outward, toward love and justice, always rooted and nurtured in worship.

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